Centre for Media Literacy and Community Development (CEMCOD) is a non-profit organization with a focus to bring about holistic growth and development by uplifting the status of vulnerable communities within Uganda through the provision of media, media-related, and direct community interventions. It was founded and incorporated in July 2013 (Reg. no. 169570) with the goal to create a wider forum within which to advocate media literacy and community development issues especially in the areas of livelihoods and capacity building, social relations and education, public health and environment, policy advocacy and research, legal aid, and human rights.


To transform vulnerable communities through appropriate and responsible media and community approaches.


An organization that is a benchmark for community transformation.

Our Goal:

To harmonize media and community efforts for societal development.


We shall always serve without discrimination to anybody


We shall hold office in trust and shall be responsible for our actions.

Our Core Values:

Professionalism, Accountability, Impartiality, Neutrality, Transparency (P.A.I.N.T)


We shall in our service be as open as possible about our decisions and the actions we take.


We shall adhere to the professional codes of conduct and exhibit highest degree of competence and best practices.


In carrying out our business, we shall give fair and unbiased treatment to all clients irrespective of gender, race, religion, disability and ethnicity.


Whereas media is a powerful tool for development, often the communities which the media and development initiatives target have limited opportunity to effectively participate in influencing and setting the agenda for their own development through media. The interrelation between media and community development therefore is not being adequately utilized. This situation has and continues to undermine the effectiveness of the citizens and the media itself in promoting development in a responsive way.

In general, community media is not well developed as a community response to salient issues of development such as governance, poverty, youth empowerment, etc., thereby leaving the populace at the mercy of traditional media developers.

As such, community members have been reduced to talking about some issues without meaningful and proactive engagement that would foster effective media responsiveness to their pressing development challenges such as demand for improvements in service delivery.

It is for this reason that the ideology of media literacy should be articulated and sank into media users and the community which is the primary target of all development initiatives.

At CEMCOD we believe that a more media conscious citizenry will respond much more positively to social development and will therefore be empowered enough to participate in governance of the Nation.



A project in partnership with DW-Akademie, Germany’s leading organization for international media development.

Overall Objective: To strengthen and promote citizens’ inclusion and effective participation in fundamental decision making processes at the grassroots through media in Uganda. The project focuses at promoting community and citizen responsiveness to development issues through media. Grassroots Communities have not been able to fight for their rights and local leaders have not been able to effectively represent the citizens regarding access and affordability of basic services like water, education, health and sanitation. Many communities lack platforms through which they can address issues of good governance which is a major obstacle to community development. The Community Media Project sets out and works to advance the cause for young people, women, and communities at large in influencing their own development through media, while enhancing Strengthened community voices in decision making processes.

What we do: Create Radio Partnerships MIL /community media trainings for young people Trainings in Basic & Mobile reporting skills Facilitate Community Interface Meetings Hold stakeholders meetings Civic strategy sessions with local community experts & duty bearers Live Radio broadcasts & talk shows Documentation of youth & community stories By empowering communities and young people with skills to ask effective questions, we permit them to grow to be more informed to take action on key issues in Uganda.

Effective use of Social Media by local government officials for civic engagement

A project in partnership with Konrad Adenuer Stiftung (KAS), a political foundation, closely associated with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU).

Overall objective: To promote Good governance, Accountability and Civic engagement at the local government level through Media.
CEMCOD recognizes the power of social media to refine government, to open potentially promising channels of communication and to offer citizens direct access to their government and to public officials. The project engages and trains local government leaders in the effective use of media, with special emphasis on social media platforms in improving good governance, transparency and accountability in the management of public affairs, citizen engagement and delivery of social services.

What we do: Conduct social media trainings for local government officials in select districts. Offer mentoring sessions & follow-ups on trained officials Create linkages between citizens and Local governments’ official platforms When we train local government leaders in the effective use of social media for civic engagement, we enhance their use of new media platforms for communication and hence promote accountability of duty bearers to local community concerns through media.

Media Literacy in Schools

Primary school children are likely more vulnerable to the media messages on Radio, Television and internet. CEMCOD’s Media literacy in schools program aims to educate and equip young people with effective media literacy skills so as to prepare them to be media literate and have a good perception of media. We believe that young Ugandans need the ability to critically evaluate powerful pictures and posts across different media platforms.

Youth Exchange Project

A youth exchange program between Plumtree Development Trust (Zimbabwe) and CEMCOD (Uganda)

Overall objective: To expand opportunities for young people to participate in decision making processes and public life and empower them to transition from a culture of exclusion, silence and limitation to one of inclusion and effective participation in matters of development and community transformation.

Civic Education in Uganda

CEMCOD is one of the organisations accredited by the Uganda electoral Commission to conduct civic education programs within the country.

During the run up to Uganda’s general elections in 2015, CEMCOD partnered with Bugisu NGO Forum, an umbrella organization bringing together several civil society organisations operating in the Bugisu (Eastern)region of Uganda to conduct open air campaigns dubbed” join a party” to encourage nonviolence peaceful co-existence and free participation of youth in elections. Up to 160 youth from 8 political parties jointly participated in a free and fair election workshop, street matching and joint open-air campaigns. This engagement we continue to do within our operational areas.


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