On Saturday August 6, CEMCOD’s emerging leaders & community reporters in Mbale successfully brought together local leaders and the citizens under one roof for a constructive engagement on issues affecting them. The citizens of Nauyo were able to freely engage with their leaders on pertinent issues such as the newly designed Parish development model for grassroots communities, relief support for the recent flood victims, poor garbage colletion among others, and they got clarifications.


The speaker of Mbale city Industrial Division, Hon. Kasaija Musa Ndago was one of the Local leaders that participated at Saturday’s Community Interface Meeting at Nauyo Primary School. Kasaija cautioned his fellow leaders to be an example to the emerging leaders and desist from being the sources of false news and misinformation. He said citizens and young people deserve truthful information to be able to participate meaningfully in society.

“Being a source for news or information means giving the truth. If you are not sure of what is being sought, seek clarification or give a second-hand account instead. It will save you the burden of being sued for spreading misinformation and false news” Kasaija cautioned.

This meeting was held under the Youth Voices for Development project with support from the U.S. Embassy Kampala . The #YOVODE project empowers young people to engage citizens and local leaders in direct interface meetings that provide a platform for youth and ordinary citizens to ask direct questions on issues that concern their own development.

Mbale Speaker

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