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From 1933 to 1957 this was the logo (in block letters) with patent or patent-pending marks. From 1957 onwards a date code was stamped on the bottom of each Zippo made, which makes it potential to trace back what yr the lighter was produced. From July 1986 the bottom of each Zippo lighter additionally included a letter for the month it was produced.

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Vietnam war

Generally, an item is taken into account vintage if it’s greater than forty years old, whereas it’s considered an vintage if it’s greater than a hundred years previous. Since lighters have been round for less than 200 years, very few vintage ones have survived. The Amor en Linea modern date code system Zippo makes use of entails a letter and a two-digit number. The first 12 letters (A via L) are used to determine the month. The two-digit quantity refers again to the year of manufacture (13 for 2013). George Blaisdell established the Zippo Manufacturing Company in Bradford, Pennsylvania, in 1932.

Each certainly one of these unique vintage Zippo lighters tells the story of the soldier who owned it, which provides them large worth for collectors. Vintage lighters, however, are a lot simpler to find. Especially classic Zippo lighters from the Fifties and after are available since they have been mass-produced and stamped with a date code. This is among the oldest forms of vintage lighters. It featured a big container for fuel on its base and utilized a fusee to ignite.

Date codes

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